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Very Latest News !

Tuesday 22nd September 2020

Due to extensive COVID 19 restrictions and Lockdowns :

All Events including Race Meetings and our October Trackdays are cancelled with immediate effect.

Details are available here :




Monday 21st September

Further to our conversations with you all over the weekend we're just awaiting further clarifications of our October dates.
We'll confirm everything once we get the go ahead from Pembrey Circuit.
Thanks for your continued support in these difficult times.
Alan and Phil.

Wednesday 16th September

COVID 19 Update
In light of the Welsh Government's announcement today any rider from the Rhondda Cynon Taf County will unfortunately not be permitted to attend our forthcoming Pembrey Trackdays. This is further to the recent notice regarding Caerphilly County
Notice ends

Tuesday 15th September 2020

COVID 19 Update :
For those attending any of our Pembrey Trackdays :
 You must wear a face covering in all Circuit Buildings. These include the Restaurant, Toilets and ''Signing On'' Office.
Please ensure that you bring one.…



Monday 7th September 2020

IMPORTANT - from the BBC web site : 


The county borough of Caerphilly is to be placed under a local lockdown from 18:00 BST on Tuesday after a "rapid" rise in coronavirus cases.

People will not be able to leave or enter the borough without good reason, the Welsh Government said.

Face masks will be required for everyone over 11 in shops and people will not be able to meet indoors.

Seeing others within extended households will be banned, and no overnight stays will be allowed.

There have been 133 new Covid-19 cases in Caerphilly county in the last seven days.

The Welsh Government said that at 55.4 cases per 100,000 population, it was the highest rate in Wales and one of the highest in the UK.

Wales' Health Minister Vaughan Gething said the virus was circulating in the community and it was "only a matter of time before we start to see more serious cases, which need hospital treatment".

The restrictions mean people cannot enter or leave Caerphilly county borough - which includes Caerphilly town, Ystrad Mynach, Blackwood, Newbridge and Risca - without a "reasonable excuse".

That includes work, if people are unable to work from home, or making a compassionate visit to a loved one, or to give care.

Anyone from the area's mentioned will NOT be able to join us for the following events : 12th / 13th September and 18th / 19th / 20th September.

Those directly affected will be notified by E mail direct.

If you have queries please contact us on : 

Phil Bevan - 07885 453 191 

Alan Holland - 07968 208 132. 


Saturday 29th August

Due to a Car Race meeting being cancelled today - we thought we'd have that !  So we've just added Saturday 12th September and Sunday 13th September to our very hectic event schedule.

Details and booking facilities are available on this site.




Monday 24th August 

Not a lot left for our next events at Pembrey - so if you're thinking about joining us best book quickly. 

Just a housekeeping note - Due to COVID restrictions the following applies with immediate effect :

Under NO circumstances are children under the age of 18 allowed at our Trackdays. We have had a number of unfortunate incidents where children have arrived @  Pembrey but the parents have been asked to return home immediately. There is NO discussion on this subject - Rules are Rules.

And following on : 

Main Gate access :

The Main Electric gates will be open between the following times ONLY

Friday August 28th - 7.30am - 9.30am / 12.30pm and 1.30pm and 5.00pm - 6.00pm

And the same for Saturday 29th.

There is NO access to the circuit outside these times - please ensure your helper is present when you arrive.






Friday 14th August 

Oh... we can't keep away ! Just added another Friday and Saturday double header - Friday 28th and Saturday 29th August. 

Please book via the site here.

Got to keep going while the weathers good...




Links for this weekends events have been mailed out to individual riders  


  • We have added Thursday August 13th / Friday August 14th / Friday September 18th / Saturday September 19th and Sunday September 20th to our calendar. The Saturday September 26th and Sunday September 27th Trackdays are unfortunately CANCELLED.
  • All riders booked for September 26th / 27th will be contacted individually and will take priority for rebooking the previous weekend (18th / 19th / 20th) / and or alternatives.
  • Monday PM 15.27 13th July - We are literally waiting for clarification regarding overnight accommodation for this weekend from Carmarthenshire Country Council. As soon as we receive it the notice will be posted on our Facebook pages. . I’m not going to speculate the if’s / what’s or certainly the definition of ‘’Self Contained Accommodation ‘’ etc – let just get it in black and white. Did have a chat with the police at the weekend – they called in  to have a look ….had a very nice doggy. Never been so glad of ‘’Social Distancing’’. Likewise access to the circuit ( Evening Thursday night ) will be confirmed.
  • Participants may leave their machines and or vehicles at the circuit overnight but ‘’we’’ BARC Pembrey Ltd / Phil Bevan Trackdays do not accept any liability for any loss or damage incurred.
  • Riders temperature will be taken before they collect their wristband. . Your details (temperature / name and mobile telephone number) are recorded for ‘’Track and Trace’’ requirements.
  • The ‘’Formula One Café’’ will be offering a takeaway service with a limited hot food menu and several additional safety measures in place.
  • Only participating Riders and one essential helper may attend the event.  No one else, including spectating friends or family members including children ( under 18 ) , will be permitted.
  • There is NO ‘’turn up and ride facility’’ – if you’ve not booked in ‘’On Line’’ previously, you will not be allowed in.
  • Tyre and Suspension support will be as normal.
  • Noise level – as per normal 96DB Drive By only. Make sure that silencer is fitted ! We had far too many riders failing this at the weekend. Some were easily back home for an early tea !
  • This format will remain until the end of the season. ALL events are limited to 20 riders per group.  




Update Thursday July 9th :

 Yes its true, we’re back at Pembrey !


All Signing On procedures are now completed ‘’On Line’’. This includes the actual Signing On, The Safety Briefing, our Terms and Conditions and the COVID 19 disclaimer. The only bit you have to do is collect your wristband and bike number from the office as normal. Individual Signing On notifications are sent out via E mail 5 days before your event.

  •  If you have booked in for more than 1 day you only need to sign on once – but you will need to collect a new wristband and bike sticker every morning.
  • If you have booked for more than one person it is your responsibility the other riders get this e mail and complete the Signing On process.
  • If you do not fill in the boxes correctly the system will bounce you back – the E mail and booking reference number are vital.
  • The system is Mobile friendly and we are looking to ‘’slim’’ this procedure down – but we have to start somewhere.
  • Once you’ve completed this procedure you can have a copy and I’ll have one – so I know you’ve ‘’Signed On’’



  • Access to the circuit will be from 7.00am on the day of your event – once everyone has arrived, the gate will close. It will open again between 5.00pm and 6.00pm
  • Under current guidelines, overnight stays either at the circuit or in the immediate locality - in ANY type of vehicle / tent etc. are not permitted. If trackday participants are found breaking this ruling further consequence may be incurred including banning of the rider concerned and the cancellation of any immediate trackday events. Once the situation changes we’ll let you know – but for the moment it’s not negotiable. We ALL have to exit the circuit by 6.00pm – and that includes us  !
  • Participants may leave their machines and or vehicles at the circuit but we BARC Pembrey Ltd / Phil Bevan Trackdays do not accept any liability for any loss or damage incurred.
  • Riders temperature will be taken before they collect their wristband.
  • The ‘’Formula One Café’’ will be offering a takeaway service with a limited hot food menu and several additional safety measures in place.
  • Only participating Riders and one essential helper may attend the event.  No one else, including spectating friends or family members including children ( under 18 ) , will be permitted.
  • There is NO ‘’turn up and ride facility’’ – if you’ve not booked in ‘’On Line’’ previously, you will not be allowed in.
  • Tyre and Suspension support will be as normal.
  • Noise level – as per normal 96DB Drive By only. Make sure that silencer is fitted !


COVID 19 has brought us all some extremely difficult times. We, as track day organisers and Pembrey Circuit are 100% committed to providing you with the best secure and safe facilities we can. But – we all need to work together and these new procedures and the temporary loss of some facilities is the only way we can get back ‘’On Track’’. In addition this will be a learning process for us all, so your patience and help would be appreciated.




Coming Soon ! Additional Event dates - 17th / 18th / 19th July and  Friday 14th August .


Well, some Bad News and some Good News so we might as well get the Bad bit done first :

Our Events for Friday June 19th, Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st are CANCELLED.

The Welsh Government are due to make some further COVOD 19 updates later this week, but despite various rumours we do not feel they will make enough provisions in order for Trackdays to recommence. To be fair to you we have taken this decision slightly earlier than intended but looking at the most recent interviews made by Welsh ministers – well basically they aren’t making the right noises for us to restart.

We have not come to this decision lightly but with the help of Phil Davies, Circuit Manager @ Pembrey we all feel this is for the best. Phil’s like us, keen to get the bike Trackdays running again, so with his help, we are pleased to announce some NEW additional dates:

Friday 17th , Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th July.
Friday 14th and Saturday 15th August.

As I‘ve said these are totally new events in addition to our previously published calendar. There are some more to come – in September but we will sort that lot in a bit.

This is the plan and it’s important you understand this:

Everyone booked for the cancelled June events ( 19th 20th and 21st ) will be AUTOMATICALLY booked for the 17th / 18th and 19th July – same groups / same days as you’ve originally booked. Again we’ll be giving June customers priority but you have 7 days to confirm your attendance for these, otherwise we’ll put any remaining places up for sale.
Those that have booked for the June event will be E mailed directly with this notice and further instructions – so please check your spam and junk folders if u don’t get it.

Questions :
So if you can’t make 17th /18th and 19th July ?

There are limited places left for the 10th / 11th and 12th July and they will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Friday 14th / 15th August ?
Again, priority to June customers so e mail me within 7 days. It’ll then go live on the web site. Need more dates? Then check the web site.

And again…
All events are subject to the Welsh Government allowing us to run Trackdays. There is still NO OVERNIGHT accommodation allowed inc Camping / Sleep overs / Hiding in the hedges etc. Likewise, No Spectators or Children will be allowed at the events – at the moment.
All Signing On, Terms and Conditions, Safety Briefing and COVID 19 declarations will be completed ON LINE before the event.
Format – 3 groups of 20 riders max.
Tyre / Suspension support ? as per normal.

So to let us know what you’re doing ?

Please use and use your PBTD booking reference in all communications. If you do not, I ain’t replying...Please DO NOT use FB messenger / Text / What’s App – it makes life extremely time consuming and I need your E mail address anyway.


May 2020 

Well, the Welsh Government have made some slight modifications to our Lockdown situation this evening , but unfortunately none that will see us going operational – So as of tonight all events are still On Hold – Wales is still in Lockdown ( ish…5 miles and 2m ).

I’m led to believe the next update is due around the 15th/ 18th  June so we’ll have to all wait a bit longer to see what transpires. Today they said the ‘’Re opening of non essential retail business’’ or ‘’outdoor sites’’ are being advised to prepare to reopen. Alas I can’t see any of us qualifying for the ''non-professional elite athletes training facilities'' section, but we live in hope..

So while you’re here let me just go through a few mumblings :

All bookings for ALL events must be done ON LINE. As mentioned several times already - we all know the situation - it is your decision to book or not.

Looking into my rather large, quite weathered crystal ball if an event is cancelled the following will apply:
Bookings will be transferred to a future date of your choice FOC – (depending on availability )*
If there aren’t any dates to suit you refunds may be claimed – but there is a charge of £10 per booking / per rider / per day  – and this is deducted from your refunded amount. *

Now with most of your cooperation I’ve now rearranged all of April’s and May bookings.

But there are a number of you who are yet to pay the balance ( £40 / £100 ). I’ll be straight - I DO NOT have the time or the energy to keep chasing you – we’ve been more than fair and sorted out your booking to the dates you gave us – now it’s your turn and settle up. If you are one of these people please settle up ASAP.

If you have booked for more than One Rider – I need to know their name ! Again, people are missing this important bit out.

This is why…

So we’ve established all booking are done On Line – so I have your Email address. The Signing On, Licence declarations, Safety Briefing / COVID 19 disclaimer etc will be set up one week before the next event. You will be directly E mailed with the secure link for you to complete these forms. Once completed - you will get a copy and me too. If you have booked for more than one rider ( but Agh ! I’ve only got 1 E mail address ) it is your responsibility to ensure the additional rider / s complete the forms. Again, once they’ve done it I’ll mark it off against the additional name/ s you let me have previously. Simples.

By the Thursday / Friday before the event we’ll have everyone signed in and ready to go. We will do one event at a time, so No, you can’t Sign On for August in June

So the next stage ( a bit like Lockdown ) on the morning of the event you’ll just collect your specific bike number and wristband.
There will more than likely be three very short socially distanced briefings ( I know Fast Group, you’re gutted but.. ). Riders booked in for more than one day ( in any weekend ) will NOT have to re Sign On again but WILL have to collect a new wristband / bike no.
There will be NO ‘’turn up and ride’’ places.
There will be NO Signing On paperwork.
NO Spectators - inc children / Aunties / Uncles etc
Only 1 helper per rider ( Details TBC )
There will be NO overnight camping etc. I know, I know …lets see if the law changes first.

Again, looking forward we are having conversations with Pembrey about some additional dates and some possible format changes but in the meantime, we have both agreed the following:
COVID 19 is a terrible virus and people are dying – it is as simple as that. These are unprecedented times and there are new rules that we all must obey – for everyone's' safety . We have agreed to limit the riders to 3 groups of 20 riders – it’s a lot easier (really ?? ) with these numbers and a well proven and liked formula. With all these new procedures, all the HSE / PPE etc means there’s’ a lot to learn, but if we all work together, we’ll have a great time and get to go home the way we came. You do your bit and we'll do ours, can’t be fairer than that.

Any questions please fire away…

Oh! and it’s still 96DB drive by noise limit. Just thought I’d throw that back into the pot.

Keep Safe and see you soon.

Alan and Phil.

*these charges may change in the future. Depends..



Meanwhile : 

Phil Bevan Trackdays are a well established motorcycle trackday company based at Pembrey Circuit, South Wales. Operated by Phil Bevan and Alan Holland since 2003, we entertain over 1000 trackday riders over the summer season.

We are also assisted by a team of experienced Instructors, the Pembrey Bike Marshalls, Medical team and Staff.

We feel the personal service we provide enables riders at all levels to have a safe and enjoyable day so even if you're a complete Novice or experienced Racer you are more than welcome to join us.

If you'd like to know a little more - have a look on our Face Book site first  and have a trawl around here or perhaps give us a bell.

Phil Bevan 07885 453 191

Alan Holland 07968 208 132


 In 2015 we all linked up with a long time customer Colin Mitten, who works for Costain Construction. With your help we raised over £2000 for the ''Costain 150 Challenge''



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