Phil Bevan Trackdays
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Suspension Support

If you'd like some help with all aspects of suspension - from the old fashioned manually adjusted units to the more modern day electronics - Will @ SWB Suspension Services can help you out.

A basic set up can be from £35.00 which includes setting the bike up for the riders weight ( Sag ) , and valving adjustments ( compression and rebound adjusters front and rear - if applicable )

There are many other options available including Will's top of the range  ''All Dayer'' package which provides you with specific ''One to One'' assistance as well as the Mobile servicing facility.

When you book your trackday you will see there is a option to ''book'' Will - free of charge. If you select this option you will be contacted  by Will directly to discuss your needs and any further requirements - before arriving at Pembrey. 

Please note due to logistical and the specialist services provided there are a limited number of slots available per day .

Contact Will @ SWB - 07540 859260.   

Or via his Facebook page :