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Ok, we appreciate we're not going to please all the people, all of the time but at some point someone has to draw the line and say No, that isn't acceptable. We try to be fair with everyone but at the end of the day we're running a business - not a charity. Riding motorcycles on a race circuit can be very dangerous and people can get seriously hurt. Some of the rules are legal requirements, some based on our experience but 99% are for your safety and enjoyment.
While I appreciate you might think this is a ball ache - but please have a read through our Terms and Conditions and 99.9% of queries should be answered. If not them please contact us.
In the meantime we look forward to meeting you at Pembrey, having a great day riding our bikes and all going home in one piece.  
Yours In Sport 
Alan Holland - Event Coordinator - Phil Bevan Trackdays
Please pay attention @ the Safety Briefings....
So just in case you don't get to the end of this section - I've put the topics in some sort of ''most asked order''
So we'll begin with the hot topic.
Noise Restrictions
Any vehicle to be used on the circuit must pass the noise test on the day. There are No ''Static Noise Testing'' it's all done by ‘’Drive By'' - video and multiple microphones. The limit is 96.0 DB.  
The procedure is as follows :

All riders’ machines will be visably inspected in the Assembly Area – pre their individual group sessions - and those found not having a ''DB killer'' fitted to a ‘’race’’ type silencer will not be allowed ‘’On Track’- until one is fitted. Those riders who feel their machines will pass the noise test ( with either an adequate DB killer fitted / Standard Silencer etc ) will be allowed ‘’On Track’’. If, during the session the bike then produces more than 96.0 DB ‘’Drive By’’, they will be flagged, exit the circuit and the machine will be parked up for the day. There is no second chance. If a number of machines in the same session also fail, then the session will be terminated.

From experience any type of short / stumpy silencer ( particularly Austin Racing / Yoshi RS3 etc ) will have extreme difficulty in reaching the noise level required without considerable assistance -  whatever machine ( 600 / 1000 / 4 cylinder / twin etc ) it is fitted to. The new Ducati V4’s are problematic with any aftermarket silencer.

Arrival @ Pembrey Circuit

For those travelling from afar you can arrive at the circuit the night before the event. There is a time restriction on this tho' definatley not before 6.00pm and then not after 10.00pm. If you do arrive at this time please be respectful to others in the paddock and keep the noise down to an absolute minimum. On leaving Pembrey we all - including us - have to be gone by 6.00pm on the final day.

Booking a Trackday - What Next ?

All bookings are completed via this web site and once confirmed you will recieve a unique Booking Referance Number. Please keep a note of this. During the booking process you will be asked for your E mail address - please make sure this is your main E mail. 5 days before your booked event you will be sent your ''Signing On Details'' which is your legal declaration, latest news and ''Signing On'' links. Make sure these are read and completed before you arrive at the circuit. And you'll need your Booking referance number to complete it.

On arrival at the circuit participants will be required to collect their relative wristband and unique bike number.  New wristbands and bike numbers are issued every day but if you're doing multiple days you just ''Sign On'' for the weekend.
Novice / Intermediate and Fast
Group numbers are restricted to a maximium of 24 ''On Track'' at any one time plus our Instructors.
Motorcycles must have a Front Brake Lever Protector fitted.
Riders must wear a ''Back Protector''
 (Unless you have an Air Bag Suit - then you're fine but remember to turn the App on)
Now we're not going to get into a discussion on what's an acceptable Back Protector apart from saying - wear the best avaiable. Now if you want to flaunt this ruling and stuff a bit of cardboard inside your leathers ( and it has happened ) then perhaps this sort of event isn't really for you..
Safety Briefing
Main Briefings will be online, accessed as part of the Signing On process. There will be additional group short Safety Briefing on the day just to bring you up to date with any changes. 

Once your Trackday is booked if you fail to attend - for whatever reason / the event is cancelled ( even if you've ''Signed On'' ) or your day is cut short - No ''cash'' refund will be issued. If required, you may be issued with a credit that you may use for any PBTD Pembrey event between March 2023 and the end of the season 2023. Over the years we have been more than generous regarding Refunds / credits etc but with recent issues and further increases in costs have forced us to apply this ruling. If you are happy to accept this condition then please go ahead and book - if not then - with respect - make sure the situation doesn't happen. This ruling also applies to any ''Chargeback'' or ''Payment Claim'' and it will be stated to any organization (Bank / Pay Pal etc.) that you have agreed to this. Any booking previous to this date will be refunded in full as normal - less a fee of £10 per event (day) / Per rider. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL CREDIT NOTES BE APPLICABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING SEASON.
Postponement / Cancellation of your booking / Credit Notes / Rebooking
OK so you can't make your booked date so the following applies :
If you notify us before 7 days of the event - we'll do our best to cancel the original booking and re book you for a later event for the 2023 season - at no charge.
If you cancel within 7 days of the booked event it's a bit more serious. If it's due to a COVID positive test we need a copy of your personal PCR test - NOT the lateral flow test and a credit note will be raised. 
If the cancellation isn't COVID related there is a possibility that the booking will be forefitted. If you have any relevent paperwork ( say Medical ) it'll be helpful - but again if you don't let us know then don't expect a sympathetic ear.
If you've booked in but don't turn up on the day - for whatever reason - the booking is forefitted with NO credit Note or Refund.
If you want to do a ''Rider Name Change'' then just  Email me and I'll sort it.
Weather Conditions
Unless the Circuit Management and ourselves deem the circuit to be ''unfit for purpose'' the event will run.
In 20 odd years we've only lost 2 complete days due to the weather. OK, sometimes we've finished a bit early but apart from that the Pembrey area has a it's own micro climate ( ask the locals ) and the circuit is extremly grippy and drains very quickly - in the wet.
Again, in the unlikely event that the event is cancelled there are no refunds if you decide not to ride in the wet and not turned up.
Signing On – Issuing of wristbands
‘’Signing On’’ creates a legally binding relationship in return for your being allowed to participate. Riders must have an appropriate current full motorcycle license (DVLA / EU) OR a current competition license issued by the A.C.U. and are of a minimum age of 18 years old. All fees due must be deemed “cleared funds” before the event, especially where group bookings are concerned, unless by prior arrangement to PBTD. 
Track time
The event consists of 20-minute sessions per group. There are 3 groups Novice / Intermediate and Fast. PBTD cannot be held responsible for session delays or cancellations caused by rider’s mishaps / accidents etc. During the event PBTD or the circuit may apply additional / deducted time to ensure “fair play”. 

Race Machinery
PBTD will accept fellow racers under the understanding that the event is a Trackday and not an “ACU practice day” or similar event. Race Timing equipment (beacons, lap timers, etc fixed to the machine are NOT allowed). Likewise said riders should be aware that different procedures and regulations will apply for this type of event. Access to the Circuit during the event Entry to the circuit is via the Assembly Area situated at the Top end of the paddock area [unless otherwise directed]. You may then be directed down the pit lane entry, having obeyed lights or signal from a marshal. Check for other vehicles on the circuit and keep to the entry side of the track until well clear of the pits. All  The bike will be excluded if it hasn't got one fitted. At the same time if we feel the machine is unsafe / unsuitable for the event it will be removed and reinstated once suitable modifications have been made. 
Exiting the Circuit during the event
Only leave the circuit at the pit lane entry, as indicated in your briefing or directed by the marshals. Signal your intention to leave the circuit on approach, using indicators if fitted or raising a hand in the air. Continue signaling until you have exited the circuit. 
Stopping on the Circuit
Only stop in case of mechanical breakdown or a signal to do so from a marshal. If forced to stop on the circuit or a run- off area, try to park as safely as possible (far from the track and preferably behind a barrier). Use hazard warning lights if fitted. All participants from the vehicle must move behind safety barriers only if it is safe to do so and obey any instructions given by the marshals. 
You should allow more room than normal to overtake and allow extra time for slower riders. Overtaking on either side is permitted. Allow more space for braking. 
Flag Signals
Flag signals and lights will be used on the circuit. The main flag signals you will see are as follows:
Track hazard. Slow down. Be prepared to stop. No overtaking. At the beginning of the first session there will be two yellow flagged laps followed by the chequered flag. Following the instructor, riders will exit the circuit at the pit road and enter pit lane. Marshalls will then flag entry to the circuit. This is to show riders where to enter and exit the circuit. There will be two ‘yellow flagged’ laps @ the beginning at each session in order to warm yourself, tyres and machine up.
Major Hazard session has been stopped. Return to pits/paddock at no more than 25mph. Obey the marshal’s instructions, remember the track may be blocked. Chequered Session over. Slow down and complete the remainder of the lap to the circuit exit point or as directed.
Striped Red / Yellow:
Beware! Track condition has changed. This may only be shown for a couple of laps, when withdrawn it does not mean that the track has returned to its original condition.
You MUST slow down and return to the pits at the end of the lap. Report to Track Steward – either you are breaking rules or there is a machine safety issue.
Black/ Orange Center:
Your bike has failed the Drive By noise limit - Please return to the pits at the end of the lap. Report to Senior Marshall and / or PBTD staff. The machine will not take any further part in the event. 
Circuit Conduct
Racing or driving too close to other vehicles is not permitted. Timing (or signaling of times) is not permitted. Remember, what may be an acceptable overtaking maneuver for yourself may be too close for other riders in the group so the rule is – give yourself more room. The same applies with braking points – the earlier the better. 
Motorcycle Hire
You may rent / hire a suitable machine for the event, but we must be informed beforehand and receive the relative insurance certificates before the event commences. 
In General:
Riders must: Read and agree to the Track Day Circuit Driving Rules before taking to the track - Wear a wristband denoting conformation of Signing on, agreement of Circuit Driving Rules and relative riding group. Wear a suitable approved full face motorsport helmet ( I.E ACU Gold stamp ) Wear One piece or 2 piece (360 degree zipped) leathers, boots and gloves.  Metallic or similar material toe or knee sliders are NOT allowed.
Please don't smoke in the pits or on the circuit – it is a fire risk !  
There are no passengers on motorcycles. Please supervise children carefully. Do not exceed 15 mph on any service road or in the paddock. Cold tyres have less grip, so drive carefully for at least the first couple of laps to warm your tyres. 
Additional notes:
Photography / Bike Camera’s etc. Photography at the circuit is prohibited unless for personal purposes only, and may only be taken from the public / restricted areas. You are not permitted to sell photographs that you take and that they are not used for promotional or commercial purposes. You must have the consent of the circuit first. Our official photographers will attend each event. We retain the write to seize / withhold any type of memory card / storage device storing photographs / video footage. Bike mounted recording cameras are permitted but the mounting / fixing of such products must be checked by Event staff beforehand. A ‘lanyard’ must also be fitted independently securing the camera to the machine.
Spares / Accessories
The public / riders are not permitted to sell / offer for sale any parts, tyres or accessories either new or second hand. If they are found to be doing so they will be asked to leave the event immediately. Likewise the distribution and promotion of any company / organization / event is banned unless otherwise agreed by the circuit and / or event organizers. 
At Pembrey the Formula One Bar/Restaurant will be open for the sale of Food & Beverages from the following times: Breakfast: 8.00am–11.00am, Lunch: 12.00–2.00pm Restaurant Closes at 3.00pm unless otherwise arranged. The Sale of Food and/or Beverages by any other persons are strictly forbidden.
Camping / Overnight Stays 
This can be arranged by prior arrangement. Pembrey circuit is totally out of bounds for mechanically propelled vehicles and a noise curfew is in operation on the whole site which is monitored and enforced by the local environmental health officers between the hours of 5.00pm and 9.00am. It is also imperative that no fireworks are displayed due to the very close proximity of the circuit to the sea and as it also contravenes local coast guard regulations. Likewise there are no provisions for Floodlights / Power Hook-up at Pembrey. Customers with Generators are politely asked to respect fellow riders and noise levels, and ensure they are turned off between the hours of 12.00pm and 7.00am. For our events circuit access is usually from 6.00pm the night before an event but we all must of left the circuit by 6.00pm on the Sunday.  
Animals are not permitted to any area of Pembrey Circuit and its boundaries. If found owners will be asked to leave immediately. If found during the event, the event will be halted until such have left event. 
Spectator Access
Spectators are normally allowed foot access into the paddock area to use the Catering Facilities etc. For Pembrey spectators, motorcycles are not allowed in the Paddock Area and must be left outside the circuit. Likewise riders who arrive late will be asked to sign on before bringing machinery/equipment into the paddock area. 
Paddock Crossing
At Pembrey the paddock-crossing gate will be opened after each session to allow participants access to and from the paddock area. 
If we've done something wrong or your not happy with something please come and see us - Before you go. It's a lot easier to have a chat face to face and we'll do our best to sort it..
Officially PBTD must be informed of any complaints or grievances either at the event or in writing within a 48 hour time period of the event. Any derogatory representation or comments made public (i.e. E commerce / web forums / E mails) are strictly forbidden ( and monitored ) and in the event of such material being produced appropriate legal action will be taken. We reserve the right of reply.
Phil Bevan Trackdays, the Circuit Management, our staff or Instructors cannot be held responsible for any loss / theft / damage to participant’s vehicles or belongings however caused. 
Final Rule
The decision of the circuit management and / or PBTD management is final. Any advice or instruction provided is to be taken as “experience” and “of free will”. Your safety and enjoyment of the event is paramount. These Regulations are form of a legal document and contains many detailed terms by which you will be bound. It is your responsibility to read them and make sure you have understood them, before signing. If you have any questions please ask. 
Phil Bevan Trackdays January 2014, Amended February 2016, March 2016, July 2018,July 2020, April 2021,September 2021,January 2022 and updated June / December  2022 / January 2023.