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Noise Procedure Update - 2023 season

Alan Holland

All riders’ machines will be visably inspected in the Assembly area – pre their group session - and those found not having a DB killer fitted to a ‘’race’’ type silencer will not be allowed ‘’On Track’- until one is fitted. Those riders who feel their machines will pass the noise test ( with either an adequate DB killer fitted / Standard Silencer etc ) will be allowed ‘’On Track’’, but if during the session produce more than 96.0 DB ‘’Drive By’’, they will be flagged and the machine will be parked up for the day. There is no second chance. If a number of machines in the same session also fail, then the session will be terminated.

From experience any type of short / stumpy silencer ( particularly Austin Racing / Yoshi RS3 etc ) will have difficulty in reaching the noise level required without considerable assistance -  whatever machine ( 600 / 1000 / 4 cylinder / twin etc ) it is fitted to. The new Ducati V4’s are problematic with any aftermarket silencer.

We haven’t changed the actual noise level and the Drive By system’s been in operation for nearly 4 years now, but it seems an ever-increasing number of riders are still registering 98 / 99 / 100 + DB’s on ''Drive By''– and then, once flagged,  decide to fit a baffle. This situation is totally unacceptable.

We would be grateful if you could ensure your bike is correctly silenced before arriving at the event. There are a number of UK based specialist companies who can advise you further on this topic.

Ammended December 2022.


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