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Tyres / Spares Support

We offer a full tyre and spare support for our events, managed by Dean and Phil. We've a wide range of new and scrubbed tyres ( both treaded and slicks ) from as little as £80 per pair. Treaded tyres are usually the latest Pirelli Super Corsa's in 180 and 200 rears and slicks are usually 200's in SC1 and SC0 compounds. If the weather's inclement we've a range of wets available as well. 

Tyre fitting / balancing is carried out by out by fully trained staff, all under Dean's instruction and can be done to loose wheels or we can remove wheels from your bike if required.

Our spares support is supplied by James from www.scooterandbikes - if you have specific requirements or require parts to be taken to the circuit you can ring them on 02920  700700

For more specific tyre questions or requirements please ring Phil on 07885 453 191 or Dean on 02920 887717 or at