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It's quite straight forward...

Updated January 2021.  

Please note - if we wish to contact you direct it will only be by E mail or telephone. Please ensure the E mail address you enter into the booking system is correct and current !    

So...You'd like to book your place at one of our Pembrey Trackdays.

  • Events can be booked by day ( Friday / Saturday / Sunday )  
  • Event dates are featured on the Home page - by calendar month
  • Select the date/s for your event
  • At busy times of the season, if the date is there but your group isn't, it means the group its Sold Out. Web Site available places are ''live'' and real ''time''. Once all the places have been booked that's it. We do operate a reserve list. 
  • Add the group which you want to ride in - Novice, Intermediate or Fast - for the day you want.
  • Click on ''Add to cart'' 
  • This add's ONE rider to the group. If you are booking for a few friends, and they are in different groups, add one of them now.
  • Now go to ''Shopping Cart'' - this gives you all the groups you have selected.
  • Check the number of riders you have booked. This should give you the total number of places you want and which group (s) you want them in.
  •  If you're booking more than one rider - now add in the name / group E mail address and contact telephone number. 
  • Check the total amount to be charged.
  • then Click ''Checkout'' 
  • Fill out the Customer Information / Shipping Method (Name, Address etc) - for the person who's doing the actual booking. Ok, we're not shipping you anything - only Electronic mails but it's the system we're using.We don't need additional info for any additional riders, just the names.
  • If you are a ''Company'' add in the Company details - it'll automatically raise a VAT receipt.
  • Click ''Continue to Payment Method'' and fill in the credit card details
  • Check the order and complete it.
  • Your credit / debit card will now of been charged and you will receive your conformation by E mail - ''Conformation of Order''
  • This confirms your place(s) at the event and has your booking number attached ( beginning PBTD... ) .
  • You will not receive any further communications from us - if you have any further questions have a read on the web site or contact us - quoting the booking reference number
  • Now our T&C's regarding refunds and credit notes....

That's it !

And like we say - keep an eye on our Facebook site for the latest updates. 


Busy Busy Busy.....