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COVID 19 Restrictions

Alan Holland

Updated 8th September 2020

All Events will now be 3 x 20 format - 3 groups of approx 20 riders per group.


All Signing On procedures are now completed ‘’On Line’’. This includes the actual Signing On, The Safety Briefing, our Terms and Conditions and the COVID 19 disclaimer. The only bit you then have to do is collect your wristband and bike number from the office.

  • If you have booked in for more than 1 day you only need to sign on once – but you will need to collect a new wristband and bike sticker every morning.
  • If you have booked for more than one person it is your responsibility the other riders to forward this e mail and get them to complete the Signing On process.
  • Once you’ve completed this procedure you can have a copy and I’ll have one – so I know you’ve ‘’Signed On’’.
  • If you have any questions – or can’t find your Conformation number please E mail me @  and I’ll dig it out for you.
  • And finally please compete the Signing On ASAP. If you’ve not ‘’Signed On’’ you won’t get your wristband or bike number. It could cost you tracktime.




  • Access to the circuit will be from 7.00am on Saturday morning. The gates will close @ 9.30am. It will open again between lunchtime ( 12.30pm / 1.30pm ) and then 5.00pm and 9.00pm Saturday evening. The same applies for Sunday.
  • Under current local guidelines, Overnight Stays are only permitted in Self Contained Vehicles – I.E Camper Vans, Race Trucks and Caravans. Anyone not staying overnight will have to leave the circuit by 5.45pm at the latest.
  • Participants may leave their machines and or vehicles at the circuit but we BARC Pembrey Ltd / Phil Bevan Trackdays do not accept any liability for any loss or damage incurred.
  • Riders temperature will be taken before they collect their wristband.
  • The ‘’Formula One Café’’ will be offering a takeaway service with a limited hot food menu and several additional safety measures in place.
  • Only participating Riders and one essential helper may attend the event.  No one else, including spectators / friends or family members - including children ( under 18 ) , will NOT be permitted. ‘’Helpers’’ are asked to remain in the paddock area only. Helpers MUST arrive at the designated times – of they do not they will NOT be allowed in.
  • Since the restart we have asked 3 parents to leave – because they have brought under 18s with them. It is not a good situation to put us in – there is NO ‘’negotiation’’ on this rule. Under 18’s means you leave.
  • Tyre and Suspension support will be as normal.
  • Noise level – as per normal 96DB Drive By only. Make sure that silencer is fitted. There are still too many people failing Noise tests !
  • Due to the current Welsh Government LOCKDOWN for people living in the Caerphilly Brough / County area they will NOT be allowed at our events. This includes both the Riders and Helpers. Anyone trying to break this rule will be asked to leave immediately. 

Please do not try and break these rules – it puts us in a very difficult position and is not good for all concerned.

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