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2020 Noise Monitoring

Alan Holland

There have been a number of issues regarding noise ( with both Riders and Local Residents ) and as a result the 2020 season will see further noise controls being introduced. Like other circuits in the UK there will be a number of permanent ''drive by'' noise monitoring devices around the circuit. At the back end of the 2019 season we've worked closely with the Pembrey Staff to understand this new system and how it benefits both ourselves and the riders. It's a very impressive system, and protects us from any future potential Noise complaints.

But obviously you're involved as well....

If you suspect your bike might be a bit on the loud side either check it with your local MOT station or fit a standard silencer or a DB killer device - before arriving at the event. While we appreciate the ''It was OK last time / I've been coming here for years / at Cadwell last weekend'' usual comments - but if it's failed - there's something wrong - it's failed. And the ''OK I'll go and fit the DB killer now it's in the Van'' will usually mean - while you're there don't bother, just pack the bike away..

If your bike fails the ''Drive By'' you will be Blacked Flagged, asked to return to the paddock to carry out repairs and then your bike will be static tested. 

 The Static bike noise limit is 102 DB.

Noise testing is carried out by the circuit staff and assisted by ourselves - using procedures as per ACU Blue Book 2020. We do not have any final jurisdiction over this and it is your responsibility to make sure your bike either meets or ideally is quieter than this level. If your bike is unable to pass this test the bike will not take any further part in the event. 

Once the bike bike has passed this test you will be able to continue with the trackday. 

It's really quite simple !


Phil and Alan.


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